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Samsung Repairs

Assuming we can get the correct parts, we can carry out repairs on all Samsung Models. The most common models we are asked about can be found below, though if the repair you require isn’t advertised or the model you are looking to get repaired is not shown, contact us through email or via telephone. We will check our suppliers and see if there are any parts available for your model and, if so, quote you a price and give you a rough time the repair can be completed.

Like every device we repair here at Revive Lab the part we have repaired or replaced comes with a 3 month warranty (any liquid damage services, as an exception, come with a 1 month warranty). Should anything go wrong with the newly repaired part while you are under a valid warranty bring your device in and we will resolve the issue free of charge.

If it is possible, we recommend that you backup your data from your Samsung device before getting a repair. During repairs we never intentionally wipe any data or access any unnecessary applications but there is a small chance that data loss can occur during any repair. We are not liable for the loss of any data during a repair should it occur. Backing up your data gives you the reassurance that all your data is safe and secure throughout your repair and can be easily restored should anything be lost.

When booking your Samsung device in for repair, we may ask you for any lock codes or password you use to access your phone. We ask this for the sole reason of testing your phone after we complete the repair. We pride ourselves on our professional and secure service and would never access any application that we do not need to in order to test your phone. This being said, we understand that some customers are not comfortable giving us this information. If this is the case then we will still carry out the repair but will have to wait until you come to collect your device before we can test it properly. Should any issues become evident, we will have to book the phone in again to resolve the issue.