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iPhone Repairs

At Revive Lab, we offer an extensive range of repairs on the following iPhone models:

iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 iPhone 5c iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s plus iPhone 7 iPhone 7 plus

Whether it is a broken screen, an issue with your phone’s battery or a charging port problem, our certified technicians have all the skills required to carry out whatever repair is needed and will do so to a high, professional standard. All the parts that we use during any iPhone repair are of the highest quality and, depending on what repair is needed and the availability of stock, can be completed on the same day in as little as 30 minutes. With the exception of liquid damage, all our iPhone repairs come with a 3 month warranty on the part that we have repaired or replaced*. Should any issues arise after we perform the repair and the newly repaired part is still under a valid warranty with us, we will resolve the issue by repairing or replacing the faulty part(s) free of charge, whatever is more suitable. If you have any queries regarding our warranty, or are unsure if any future damage to your device is covered by it, our full terms and conditions can be found by clicking here. If you have a specific question in mind, you can contact us via email ([email protected]) or telephone (0141 230 3785) and we will do our utmost best to reply quickly and answer your question in a clear, concise and helpful manner.

Data Protection For iPhones

If possible, we advise you to backup your data to the cloud and make note of the email and password you use for your Apple ID. Though it is unlikely to happen, data can be lost from a phone as it is being repaired. We would never intentionally delete anything from your phone, but as per our terms and conditions we as a company are not held liable for data that may be lost. Backing up your data beforehand ensures that all your treasured photos, memories and apps can easily be recovered in the unlikely event that data loss occurs.

In the event that we restore your software on your iPhone, we will require the email address and password associated with your Apple ID. If we do not have this information, after we carry out the repair we will be unable to test the phone properly. It is because of this we ask you to make a mental note of your email address and password used for your Apple ID. When booking your iPhone in you do not need to disclose this information – if we need it we will let you know. If your phone is locked by iCloud and you feel comfortable telling us the email address and password required, we can test the phone in store before you arrive to pick up. If, however, you are not at ease disclosing these details then we will test the phone with you in store when you come to collect your device.


Probably the most common complaint about all Apple products is their battery life. The standard Apple battery comes with 500 load cycles (i.e. 500 times the battery will charge from 0% - 100%). Once the load cycles surpass 500, the battery will no longer charge to its full capacity (even if it says “100 %”) on your phone. At Revive Lab we offer high quality batteries on all models of iPhones and will test your battery if you want to know if you should replace your battery. Battery repairs take 30 minutes when you have an appointment with us and come with a three month warranty. To preserve your battery for as long as possible, a good tip is to not leave your phone charging overnight – this overheats the battery and will end up damaging the battery in the long term.

Charging Ports

Overtime, charging ports can get worn out; resulting in difficulties charging or in some cases the complete inability to charge your battery. If this is a problem for you, bring your device to us and we will either fully clean or replace your charging port, depending on what is necessary. A useful tip to avoid damaging your charging port is to use Apple official charging cables. Other cables may be poorly made and can damage the pins inside the charging port.

Screen problems

Though manufacturers try their best to make their phones as durable as possible, phones are fragile pieces of technology and are likely to smash if dropped enough. Smashing your phone’s front screen is a terrible feeling; it renders large portions of your phone display useless and if left untreated can cause further, more serious damages to your phone. This is why we recommend that you get a smashed or unresponsive screen fixed as quickly as you can – replacing a smashed screen fixes the aesthetic side of your phone as well as ensuring the inside is secure and working as it should. To reduce the chance of having any screen problems we highly recommend buying a good quality screen cover and case. If you have an iPhone screen repair with us, we offer to place a tempered glass screen protector worth £20 on your phone for only £10!

Note: There is a common problem on all models of iPhones called “ghosting”. This is where the touch becomes unresponsive and sporadic. This can be particularly common on the iPhone model. If your phone starts to show signs of this it can be fixed by replacing the screen. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us via email or telephone and we can give you expert advice and opinions regarding your device.

Front Screen Replacement Revive Lab Price (£) Apple Price (£)
iPhone 4 £ 29.99 £ N/ A
iPhone 4s £ 34.99 £ N/ A
iPhone 5 £ 39.99 £ 136.44
iPhone 5c £ 39.99 £ 136.44
iPhone 5s £ 44.99 £ 136.44
iPhone SE £ 49.99 £ 136.44
iPhone 6 £ 59.99 £ 136.44
iPhone 6 Plus £ 69.99 £ 156.44
iPhone 6s £ 69.99 £ 156.44
iPhone 6s Plus £ 89.99 £ 176.44
iPhone 7 £ 89.99 £ 156.44
iPhone 7 Plus £ 119.99 £ 176.44
Prices taken from Apple website on 14th Feb 2018