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Front Screen Repairs

We repair and replace faulty front screens. If your front screen is cracked, smashed or unresponsive, we can repair the screen for you. Our front screen repair includes smashed or cracked screens, no front screen light, blots that won't go away or flickering lights.

It's important to get a broken or smashed front screen repaired straight away, especially on first signs of a crack, as this can cause "spider - web" over time and turn a small problem into a large and more expensive issue. There is a three months warranty on the screen replacements. Please click here to read our full terms and conditions.

Mobile Phone & Tablet Battery Repairs

We repair and replace faulty mobile device batteries. The usual signs your phone or tablet battery needs replacing are; it takes longer to charge, the power drains quickly or quickly than it used to or finally the phone or tablets battery has become misshaped.

It is important you get this battery problem resolved straight away as a faulty phone or tablet battery puts more strain on other parts of the device and without any doubt will effect the general performance of the device in a negative way. There is a three months warranty on the battery replacements. Please click here to read our full terms and conditions.

Charging Port Socket Repairs

This service is for the repair of the charging port cover. If your device's charging port is broken, then this is the service you need. Our trained technicians will repair the charging port, fully test it and then return your device in a fully working condition.

Please be aware our charging port replacements does not include any other part of the device- we only repair the charging port. If you think the impact may have damaged any other parts of your device, we recommend booking it in for our diagnostic service to make sure there's no further damages. Charging port replacement comes with a three month warranty. Please click here to read our full terms and conditions.

On/off Button

If your device's power button is stiff or not functioning correctly, our trained technicians can repair or replace your power button and then test it is fully functional before returning it to you. Power button repairs comes with a three month warranty. Please click here to read our full terms and conditions.

Liquid Damage Diagnostic Service

If your device has been damaged by water or come into contact with any other form of liquid, we can help! During our liquid damage diagnostic service, our trained technicians will open up your device, clean all the components affected by the liquid damage and fully sterilize the hardware. After this, we will contact you regarding its faults and if it can be repaired, and if so, what repairs are needed. It is then your choice if you would like to proceed with the repairs or if you would like it returned

Please be aware that liquid damage can have a lasting affect and can continuously cause problems to your device, which could become more serve the longer it is left. After cleaning and repairing the faults found during the diagnostic we have no control over what the liquid may damage in future circumstances, therefore this service is not covered under warranty. This liquid damage diagnostic service is non-refundable. Our liquid damage diagnostic service does not include repairs on any other part of the device.

Please note: our liquid damage service is a diagnostic service, not a repair.

If you think your phone may be damaged after getting it wet, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Turn the phone off immediately. This removes the chance that the phone will short circuit, and need to be repaired.
  2. Remove your case if you have one on, or anything that might be trapping water in the phone.
  3. Remove your phone sim card tray, this could also be trapping water.
  4. Give your phone a wipe down with an absorbent cloth.
  5. Wrap a small piece of absorbent cloth around a toothpick or pin, use this to soak up any water from the charging port, headphone jack and sim card tray.
  6. Leave your phone in dry place, and let it air for as long as possible without turning it on. [It is not recommended to leave your phone in a bag of rice; there is no evidence that this will actually dry the phone. There’s a good chance that dust and grit will make it inside your phone and do the same damage that water would.]
  7. Wait for as long as possible. This is the most important step. If your phone has any water in it at all when you turn it on, it could cause the phone to short circuit the phone. Wait for at least 48 hours, however, 72 hours is better. And, if you can wait a week, then there’s going to be an even higher chance that all of the water will be gone.

Secure service

At Revive Lab we take customers data privacy very seriously. Our secure service ensure that the customer data privacy is not breached and our customer can have a peace of mind that their data will remain safe and secure.