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Every Day 9:00 to 18:00 except
Thursday,Friday 9:00 to 19:00 and
Sunday 10:00 to 18:00

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How to book an appointment with us

To book an appointment with us, simply click the “Book an Appointment” button and select which device you need us to repair and what the issue is. If you are unsure what the problem is, don’t worry! We offer a diagnostic service to determine what the exact problem is and what repair is most suitable. Booking an appointment with us is both simple to do and beneficial; once booked that time slot is dedicated to your device and your device alone, allowing for quicker repair times and an altogether smoother service. Alternatively, appointments can be made over phone or email – simply tell us what the problem is and when to expect you and we will add it to our schedule!


What to do prior to your appointment

Though it is highly unlikely and we would never intentionally delete data from your device, we recommend that- if possible- you backup any data you have stored on your device before you arrive for your appointment. During the repair, we as a company are not liable for any data that may be lost during repairs. Backing up your data gives you the peace of mind that your data is safe, secure and easily recoverable.


What to expect at your appointment

Once you arrive for your appointment, one of our technicians will go through our terms and conditions with you (to see our full terms and conditions click here) and then book your phone in for the repair. It is important to note at this stage that any information we ask you to give us (such as your lock code) is for the sole purpose of testing the phone after the repair is carried out – we pride ourselves on our safe and secure service and do not access any unnecessary applications or data while your device is being repaired. Once fully booked in, we will give you a collection ticket for your device and you’re free to do as you please until you come to collect your device. At the time of collection, hand over your collection ticket and our technicians will return your newly repaired phone to you and take payment for the repair.

Front Screen Replacement Revive Lab Price (£) Apple Price (£)
iPhone 4 £ 29.99 £ N/ A
iPhone 4s £ 34.99 £ N/ A
iPhone 5 £ 39.99 £ 136.44
iPhone 5c £ 39.99 £ 136.44
iPhone 5s £ 44.99 £ 136.44
iPhone SE £ 49.99 £ 136.44
iPhone 6 £ 59.99 £ 136.44
iPhone 6 Plus £ 69.99 £ 156.44
iPhone 6s £ 69.99 £ 156.44
iPhone 6s Plus £ 89.99 £ 176.44
iPhone 7 £ 89.99 £ 156.44
iPhone 7 Plus £ 119.99 £ 176.44
Prices taken from Apple website on 14th Feb 2018